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Designing 'No Place Like Home'

Sarah Susanka's 'The Not So Big House'
Sarah Susanka's 'The Not So Big House'

Look at any new housing development and you'd think that tall ceilings, cavernous bedrooms and wide open kitchens represent the model American dream. These ranging indoor spaces offer room to grow -- but are they home?

Continuing her "No Place Like Home" series, NPR's Susan Stamberg speaks with author and architect Sarah Susanka, who describes how to carve out small spaces that make houses feel warmer and more comfortable for everyone in the family.

While Susanka's books (The Not So Big House, Not so Big Solutions) often sing the praises of thinking small during construction, the author says that creating comfortable, discrete spaces can be accomplished in large houses too.

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Nationally renowned broadcast journalist Susan Stamberg is a special correspondent for NPR.