What Lies Beneath

What Lies Beneath is a series of reports with Mike Lynch of the Kentucky Geological Survey.

What Lies Beneath: The Insidious Creep Of Radon Gas

Feb 7, 2015
Mike Lynch

Radon is an invisible gas that's undetectable to humans and with long-term exposure, it's been linked as a cause of lung cancer.  It seeps from soils and rock formations and can build up in homes and other buildings.  As Mike Lynch from the Kentucky Geological Survey reports, two research offices at UK are working together to reduce human exposure to radon in Kentucky.

WHAT LIES BENEATH: Researchers Turning Attention To Underground Coal Fires

Jun 7, 2014
Mike Lynch

Mike Lynch, with the Kentucky Geological Survey has this story about underground coal fires and the trouble they can cause.

Mike Lynch

A recent large landslide that killed more than 30 people in Washington has renewed national focus on such hazards.  Mike Lynch updates us on landslides in Ky.

WHAT LIES BENEATH: Soil Mapping Process Long Way From Over

Mar 15, 2014
Mike Lynch

In an age of remote sensing and digital mapping you might think we have all the maps we'll ever need.  Mike Lynch says think again.