Sen. Reggie Thomas

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The three top-tier Democrats vying for a chance to unseat incumbent 6th District Congressman Andy Barr made their pitch directly to voters in an hour-long televised debate Wednesday night.

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Sixth District congressional candidate Reggie Thomas says the biggest issue facing the region is healthcare, and he favors a single-payer solution. That question – which delivery system would truly deliver universal health coverage – could become a key debate in the Democratic race to select a challenger to face three-term Republican Rep. Andy Barr.

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A Lexington lawmaker wants to allow local governments to enact new rules to curb gun violence. His measure, BR 172, would upend a more than 30-year-old law barring gun regulation on the local level.

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State Senator Reggie Thomas wants the state to guarantee a woman’s right to breastfeed in any location she is otherwise allowed to be. The Lexington Democrat argues that breastfeeding is a practice science has shown to be beneficial.

Democratic State Sen. Reggie Thomas has filed a bill that would put a stop to last-minute party changes for candidate in special elections.