Public Pension Crisis in Kentucky

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Kentucky's governor and attorney general have argued before the state Supreme Court about the future of one of the country's worst-funded pension systems.

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Kentucky's largest public school districts are closed due to widespread absences Friday among teachers angered by the Legislature's passage of a pension overhaul.  Students in Louisville and Lexington are affected as at least eight Kentucky school districts have had to close schools due to employee absences.

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Republican lawmakers in Kentucky have resurrected a bill to overhaul one of the nation's worst-funded public pension systems, passing it Thursday evening while overriding the recent protests of thousands of teachers.

Hundreds Of Kentucky Teachers Rally To Oppose Benefit Cuts

Mar 21, 2018
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Hundreds of Kentucky teachers flexed their political muscle with a rally Wednesday outside the state Capitol, seeking to bury a proposed pension overhaul and win more state education funding from lawmakers.

The Latest: Pension Bill In Peril As Bevin Blasts Teachers

Mar 14, 2018
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In a rare public rebuke, Kentucky's top House leader on Wednesday chastised fellow Republican Gov. Matt Bevin for criticizing teachers who have mobilized to oppose a plan to revamp one of the nation's worst-funded public pension plans.  Acting House Speaker David Osborne told reporters that the governor's remarks were "inappropriate" and "show a lack of understanding of the people who are impacting the lives of young people in our state."

More Than 1,000 Ky. Teachers Rally Against Pension Changes

Mar 12, 2018
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More than a thousand Kentucky teachers and other public workers have rallied at the state Capitol to oppose changes to the state's woefully underfunded pension system.

Vote On Kentucky Pensions Delayed As Lawmakers Huddle

Mar 9, 2018
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With chants of "vote you out" ringing through Kentucky's Capitol, hundreds of teachers protested a pension overhaul Friday as Republican senators decided not to vote on a bill that would cut retirement benefits for one of the nation's worst-funded public pension plans.

Review But No Committee Vote On Pension Overhaul

Feb 28, 2018
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Retired teachers and other opponents of legislation to overhaul Kentucky's public pension systems have flocked to the state Capitol complex to voice their opposition.  The measure received its first committee hearing Wednesday, but no vote was taken.

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Kentucky's attorney general says a public pension overhaul proposed by Republican lawmakers would not withstand court challenges likely to follow if the measure becomes law.  Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear weighed in on one of the legislative session's defining issues shortly before a Senate committee was scheduled to review the pension bill.

Pension Overhaul Bill Introduced In Kentucky Senate

Feb 20, 2018
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A long-awaited overhaul of one of the country's worst-funded public pension systems was introduced Tuesday in the Kentucky Senate, setting the stage for debate on one of the defining issues of this year's legislative session.  The bill introduced by Republican Sen. Joe Bowen was notable in part for what it didn't include, deviating from some key provisions in an earlier plan endorsed by Gov. Matt Bevin.