Kentucky House Sexual Harrassment Scandal

Many State Lawmakers Accused Of Misconduct Run Again

Jul 18, 2018
Legislative Research Commission

Allegations of sexual misconduct against Kentucky lawmakers have become so common that the statehouse has seemed more like a frat house: Seven have faced accusations, including four who settled secretly with a female legislative aide.  Voters' response? Mostly, keep them in office.

Former Kentucky Speaker Agrees To Settlement

Apr 10, 2018
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Kentucky's former House speaker has agreed that he violated state ethics laws by behaving in an "inappropriate" way toward a woman who once worked for the House Republican Caucus. The woman's allegations previously led to Jeff Hoover's signing of a secret sexual harassment settlement last year.

Legislative Research Commission

Three of the four Republican lawmakers in Kentucky who helped pay a woman $110,000 to secretly settle a sexual harassment claim against them will not face ethics charges after a state ethics commission voted to dismiss a complaint against them.

Hearing Set For Kentucky Lawmakers Accused Of Harassment

Mar 5, 2018
Josh James / WUKY

Four Republican lawmakers in Kentucky who signed a secret sexual harassment settlement last year are scheduled to participate in a hearing next month before a state ethics commission that could recommend they be removed from office.

Kentucky House GOP Caucus Chief Of Staff Resigns

Jan 26, 2018
Legislative Research Commission

The chief of staff for the Kentucky House Republican Caucus has resigned amid fallout from a sexual harassment scandal involving four Republican lawmakers.

Ex-Kentucky House Speaker Running For Re-election

Jan 19, 2018
Associated Press

The former Kentucky House speaker who stepped down after signing a secret sexual harassment settlement is running for re-election.

Associated Press

The Kentucky House speaker's secret sexual harassment settlement could be investigated partly in secret.

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The spokeswoman for Kentucky House Republicans says the former GOP speaker had a sexual relationship with a woman in his office and used money from political donors to help pay her a secret settlement outside of court. Daisy Olivo filed a lawsuit Monday saying she was retaliated against for reporting official misconduct.

Kentucky GOP Rejects Governor's Call For Resignations

Dec 2, 2017
Associated Press

Kentucky's Republican governor asked his party on Saturday to call for the resignation of four GOP lawmakers who signed a secret sexual harassment settlement, but party leaders rejected it in a move the governor said "speaks to the fact that we've got real problems."

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A taxpayer-funded investigation of a secret sexual harassment settlement signed by four GOP lawmakers in Kentucky was stymied because the lawmakers refused to talk about it or disclose documents.