Gov. Matt Bevin

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The fate of Kentucky’s divisive pension reform bill rests in the hands of the state Supreme Court, which heard arguments Thursday on its constitutionality. The matter comes freighted with politics, as it pits two gubernatorial candidates against one another on a highly-charged issue that could play a role in upcoming elections. 

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Gov. Matt Bevin is defending a $215,000 raise given to the state’s chief information officer. 

Facing Shortfall, Kentucky Mulls Ending Medicaid Expansion

Aug 30, 2018
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Republican Gov. Matt Bevin's administration could eliminate Kentucky's expanded Medicaid program to avoid a $300 million shortfall.

Kentucky Governor Awards Employee $215,000 Raise

Aug 29, 2018
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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has awarded a member of his administration a $215,000 raise, leading the worker to make more than double the governor's salary.

Bevin Brief Filed In Appeal Of Pension Lawsuit

Aug 28, 2018
Associated Press

Attorneys for Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin have filed a brief in the appeal of a lawsuit brought by Attorney General Andy Beshear to strike down changes to the state's struggling retirement systems.

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White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders may have headlined Kentucky Republicans' annual Lincoln Dinner Saturday, but news of the death of the U.S. Senate's long-serving "maverick" and a fresh gubernatorial campaign announcement may have stolen the spotlight. 

Bevin Defends Pension Law In Hard-Hitting Speech

Aug 16, 2018
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Republican Gov. Matt Bevin warned Wednesday that Kentucky's counties will be "screwed" financially if the state's Supreme Court invalidates a new pension law, saying that unchecked increases in pension obligations will "hammer the blazes out of your budgets."

Bevin Promotes Chinese Partnership Amid US Trade Dispute

Aug 14, 2018
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Facing a growing trade dispute between the world's largest economies that threatens Kentucky's growing auto industry, Republican Gov. Matt Bevin struck an optimistic tone during a meeting with China's ambassador to the U.S. as he pledged to woo more Chinese-owned companies to the state.

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Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin is sounding confident an agreement will eventually be reached on trade between the U.S. and China.

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Republican Governor Matt Bevin and members of his party are promising a fight on the state’s embattled pension reforms.