Dr. Greg Davis on Medicine

Lexington, KY – Dr. Greg examines the threats posed by TB following a recent high profile case.

Lexington, KY – Information about the new Human Papilloma Virus vaccine.

Lexington, KY – Dr. Greg discusses general information about strokes with a guest from the College of American Pathologists.

Lexington, KY – An overview of traumatic brain injury and the latest research on treating it.

Lexington, KY – A continuation of Dr. Greg's discussion on dealing with postpartum disorders.

Lexington, KY – A postpartum mood disorder is a mental health disorder striking within the first year of giving birth.

Lexington, KY – A discussion on the increasing problem of childhood obesity.

Lexington, KY – How health care workers in post-Katrina New Orleans are trying to rebuild.

Lexington, KY – How to avoid common health risks during Spring Break.

Lexington, KY – An interview on the latest research on stents and related drug therapies.