2018 General Assembly

Josh James

Kentucky Gazette editor and publisher Laura Cullen Glasscock and WUKY's Alan Lytle discuss several Kentucky House races in and near Fayette County.

Teacher Candidacies Surge In Wake Of Spring Walkouts

Aug 13, 2018
Josh James / WUKY

The spring of teacher uprisings has given way to summer, but these are anything but lazy days for educators continuing the fight through their own election campaigns.

Josh James / WUKY

The axiom that "politics makes strange bedfellows" held true in Frankfort Friday, with the GOP-led Kentucky General Assembly walking back sweeping vetoes of the entire two-year state budget and tax bill by a Republican governor and Democrats in rare alignment with their chief political foe.

Josh James / WUKY

The war of words between Gov. Matt Bevin and the statewide professional association representing teachers is escalating as the legislative session nears its end. Meanwhile, educators and their allies continued staging walk-in protests Thursday ahead of a planned demonstration at the Capitol while rallies sprang up at public universities.

Bill Allowing Higher Sales At Craft Breweries Advances

Feb 27, 2018

Kentucky's craft brewers are taking a glass-is-half-full attitude toward a bill allowing them to sell more of their beer at their own establishments. They like the proposed higher sales limits, but don't like that it still imposes a cap on per-customer purchases.  A Senate leader wanted to give microbrewers the full glass, but backed off his proposal.

Here's A Quick Primer On The Start Of The 2018 Legislative Session

Jan 2, 2018
Legislative Research Commission

In just a matter of hours lawmakers will gavel in what looks to be a long and very difficult regular session of the General Assembly.  They will try to deal with the public pension crisis and put together a two-year budget in addition to sorting out leadership positions in the wake of a sexual harassment scandal.  For a preview of coming attractions WUKY's Alan Lytle speaks with Laura Cullen Glasscock, editor and publisher of the Frankfort-based Kentucky Gazette.

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A Republican lawmaker in Kentucky has filed legislation that would shield drivers from criminal and civil penalties if they unintentionally run over protesters who are blocking the street without a permit.

AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley

A Lexington LGBT rights group says state bills affecting their community largely wound up on the back-burner this year, but they fear 2018 could be a different story.