2018 budget

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The axiom that "politics makes strange bedfellows" held true in Frankfort Friday, with the GOP-led Kentucky General Assembly walking back sweeping vetoes of the entire two-year state budget and tax bill by a Republican governor and Democrats in rare alignment with their chief political foe.

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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has vetoed the state budget and a hastily-passed tax overhaul approved by the GOP-led House and Senate – a decision has pit the governor against high-ranking members of his own party.

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School districts closed their doors across the commonwealth Monday as teachers descended on the state Capitol to voice their displeasure with eleventh-hour pension changes and a state budget they worry will deal another blow to public education.

Kentucky House Votes To Tax Opioids To Close Budget Gap

Mar 1, 2018
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The Kentucky House of Representatives has voted to tax prescription opioids in an effort to close its budget gap and curb the flow of addictive drugs into the state.

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Maintaining core state funding for K-12 education made the list of high priorities in Gov. Matt Bevin’s annual budget speech, but some advocates worry other proposed cuts and cost shifting measures threaten the state’s constitutional mission to provide an efficient system of public schools.

Kentucky Governor Says State Budget 'Won't Be Pretty'

Dec 21, 2017
Associated Press

Kentucky's GOP governor says the state's first two-year spending plan crafted by Republicans in state history won't be pretty.