Park Renderings To Be Revealed Tuesday Night

Mar 28, 2017

A group tasked with designing a 3 mile linear park through downtown Lexington will reveal and talk about its grand plan at a public meeting tonight.  

SCAPE Rendering of Town Branch Commons linear park.
Credit image provided

Representatives from New York based SCAPE will unveil their detailed renderings tonight at 6 at the Thomas Hunt Morgan House in Lexington. 

Right now those plans include greenery, water features and space for bicyclists and pedestrians to navigate.  It will also result in narrower traffic lanes along Vine Street. When completed, sometime around 2020, Town Branch Commons will serve as a connecter for the separate Town Branch and Legacy trails creating a 22 mile route.

City officials have garnered 40 million dollars in state, local, and federal grants and loans. The Town Branch fund is working to secure another $31 million to create additional parks and amenities along the commons. The meeting begins at 6 pm at the Thomas Hunt Morgan House on South Broadway.