New Pension Reform Bill Still A Work In Progress

Jan 3, 2018

Republican leaders have been adamant that pension reform should top the agenda in the beginning weeks of the 2018 session, but a revised bill has yet to surface.

Credit Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

With a daunting biennial budget process and possible tax reform on the horizon, some GOP lawmakers say it's imperative to deal with pensions first. But with a bill yet to materialize, discussions remain behind closed doors.

Senate President Robert Stivers and acting House Speaker David Osborne told reporters Wednesday that lawmakers are making progress.

"We're working on it. We want to get everything in place, make sure we have all the numbers and facts," Stivers said. "Then hopefully very soon we'll roll something out."

"People will have time to read the bill as will out members," Osborne said. "We've said all along that our members will have adequate time to understand the bill and communicate with their constituents."

Stivers said the final product will incorporate suggestions made from different groups, but stopped short of specifics. The Republican leader has said, without pension reform, the budget will be "draconian."