Missing Hiker Found Alive

Feb 9, 2018

Credit Burk family

A Frankfort woman who went missing while hiking with her boyfriend has been found alive. 40-year old Jessica Burk and her boyfriend hit the trails in the Tom Dorman State Nature Preserve Wednesday afternoon. He stopped to take some pictures and the two got separated.

He spent several hours searching for her and then called 9-1-1. Search crews continued looking for Burk and authorities even called her boyfriend a person of interest since he waited so long to call for help. A rescue operation was eventually deemed a recovery mission. But Burk reappeared today in Garrad County. Authorities said she has a history of depression and recently suffered a brain injury. Fire and rescue crews from five counties searched on foot and used drones to help locate Burk. Those involved said they’re glad this disappearance had a happy ending.