Mary Todd Lincoln House Again Offering 'House Divided' Walking Tours This Month

Oct 3, 2018

If you want to take a Sunday stroll and brush up on your Civil War history the Mary Todd Lincoln House is giving you the chance to do just that.  The restored childhood home of the First Lady is again offering guided tours of the Lexington Cemetery all month long.

Credit Mary Todd Lincoln House

"They focus on the house divided theme of Lexington's divided home front during the Civil War," executive director Gwen Thompson told WUKY.  "So while it does talk about soldiers and military figures associated with the Civil War it also talks about the home front experience; the residents of Lexington, those who were not actively engaged in military service, but how it impacted us at a local level," said Thompson.

Mrs. Lincoln fit the house divided theme to a tee.  She was married to the 16th President but had family fighting on the Confederate side. Additional information on the tours is available at