Human Rights Commission Urges Ky. Lawmakers to Repeal Death Penalty

Oct 17, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - The Kentucky Commission on Human Rights has approved a resolution calling for the repeal of capital punishment in the Commonwealth.

The group passed the measure at its meeting in Lexington Wednesday.

Commission Executive Director John Johnson says studies have shown that the death sentence is applied disproportionately to minorities, and that there are several instances where death row inmates have been exonerated.

“We’re just adding our voice to a wide range of people around the state who feel that the death penalty in Kentucky does not provide equal treatment, it doesn’t provide equal opportunity. The truth of the matter is once you put a person to death, you can’t bring them back. And we need to look closely at the effect of that in our state.”

Copies of the resolution will be sent to Kentucky lawmakers and Governor Steve Beshear.

The human rights commission also held an induction ceremony Wednesday for the Kentucky Civil Rights Hall of Fame. Thirty-three people from across the state were nominated based on their work to promote equality and justice.