FCPS Superintendent Pushing For 10-Point Safety Plan Financed By Tax Increase

Jul 3, 2018

Fayette County Public Schools Superintendent Manny Caulk is pushing for an all-inclusive $13.4m school safety plan, to be funded by a tax increase.

Credit Alan Lytle

On Monday, Caulk outlined a 10-point initiative calling for a range of safety measures, from metal detectors and facility improvements to more security staff.

"One thing I've learned about Fayette County is that we don't do things halfway here," Caulk said at a press conference at Dunbar High School.  "Our community demands world class schools and I believe that this is the best course for us to take at this time.  Each of these ten points reflect nation and state best practices; once implemented I'm confident that we will have the most comprehensive approach to school safety in the nation and will serve as a model for the state and the country," Caulk said.

The ambitious plan would be funded by a five cent property tax hike, costing the average homeowner about $88 a year.  That move would be subject to petition.

Lexington schools have faced multiple threats so far this year, including an accidental shooting at Frederick Douglass High School.