Awaiting Changes, Beshear Delays Suit Over Bevin Executive Order

Jun 15, 2017

Attorney General Andy Beshear is extending his deadline before taking another round of legal action against Gov. Matt Bevin.

Last week, Beshear offered a familiar refrain, giving Bevin a week to respond before initiating another lawsuit – this time over the governor’s latest executive order overhauling eight independent education boards. The Democrat said the order violates the state constitution and is consistent with a troubling pattern by the administration.

"You should expect that you will hear from me after those seven days, and the reasonable expectation after that would be legal action," he told reporters last week. 

In the past, those ultimatums haven’t prevented lawsuits from moving forward. But late Wednesday, Beshear’s office received word from the governor’s general counsel that Bevin is considering alterations to the order by Friday, though there’s no word on what those changes might be. For now, Beshear is pressing pause.

Bevin has defended the June 2nd order, saying it falls in line with reorganizations ordered by previous administrations.